Technology & Reporting

We utilise our Service Innovation Group owned system Celero One, which ensures the latest cloud based technology to deliver powerful and insightful client reporting.

Plan, steer and evaluate the jobs of your decentrally organised team faster, easier, and smarter.

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Introducing Celero One by Celero Cloud, our complete cloud based software for your workforce management

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  • European Hub – Our industry leading cloud based solution allows us to provide clients with a single data centre for all of our European teams
  • Master Data Management – Fully compliant with EU data protection regulations. State of the art technology allows us to link with and export data to any system with API and automate ordering processes
  • Planning – Effective merchandiser resource planning & performance reviews
  • Real time – Our mobile App provides role-based, real-time access to all the information you need about your activity, order status and quality of service.
  • Reporting – 360 ° view of the point of service, associated KPIs and a visual data analytics suite

Bringing us closer to our field teams –

  • Host live chat, video calls & virtual training sessions
  • AI Image recognition to qualify successful photo capture
  • Merchandisers can capture video alongside high res photos
  • Augmented reality capability
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