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Your brand, and values are the focus of all the work we do. Our role is to understand your key objectives, use our experience to help develop and implement your plans. As well as devise effective strategies which maximize sales. Success in field marketing is a combination of factors. We recognise the importance of relationships and use actionable insights to achieve outstanding results.
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Service Innovation Group provides a wide range of services and activities. And they are all designed to highlight your product in a busy, highly competitive market place. We embrace all of the associated challenges and provide creative, effective solutions to ensure that retail execution never lets your brand down. We work in constantly shifting environments. To provide our clients with services that are innovative by drawing on years of experience in managing and motivating Field teams.

Which service is right for you?

All of our services provide clients with highly trained, experienced staff to work on behalf of their brands. And work in a wide variety of retail, wholesale and food service environments. Our team works in the most efficient, flexible way. Developing strategies which are tailored to each client. Clients can utilise any one of our standard services, or a mix of approaches.

We provide full time, part time or short term tactical teams who are trained and briefed to achieve specific client goals. We pride ourselves on being agile enough to carry out urgent projects within short timelines such as product recalls. And when our clients need a team they can trust to cover the country quickly.



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Let us take your brand places

Ensuring that your brand is visible to your target audience can be challenging in a fast paced marketplace. Especailly where innovation is constant, promotions frequent, and competitor product launches regularly grab the time and attention of store staff. Our role is to protect your brands retail positioning. And ensure that staff are aware of your products and activity, as well as your plans are implemented as expected. Achieving in store execution consistently and responsibly with our support helps our clients meet and exceed sales targets in an environment where second chances are rare.



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why work with us?

We pair years of experience running outsourced teams with the intelligent use of information to maximise our team’s effectiveness. We use data to support our goals, to drive change but we never forget that it’s face to face communication that determines success. And we develop long standing relationships, not just with our clients, but also with our field teams. Whether they are full time, part time or tactical team members. At Service Innovation Group we take the time to get to know the people behind the brands. And ensure that our teams understand and respect the values that our clients want to represent in store.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become an integrated part of our clients business by providing unrivalled service and outstanding results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our clients businesses within rapidly changing, challenging, environments. We prioritise the development of long term client partnerships to ensure that we generate sustainable growth. Client relationships are at the heart of what we do, and help to drive our innovation and insight.

Our Services

Our services encompass all outsourcing options which include sales teams, implementation experts and information gathering. We will discuss the best strategy for each client project – which is often dictated not just by a sales objective, but also by how the client plans to use the data and information generated by the field team. How our clients plan to leverage the results of each project helps us to tailor an approach to suit.

who are we?

Service Innovation Group are experts in outsourced Field marketing solutions. We are a passionate, committed team drawing on experience and information across a wide range of services and sectors to drive operational excellence. We deliver a service based on meeting our clients needs and building relationships with their business partners. And we never forget that during every interaction we represent our clients, and work hard to be both goal driven, and flexible.


The Results Lie In The Numbers

No business can afford to ignore return on investment modelling. At Service Innovation Group we are experts in using ROI to shape our planning and operational targets. Static data is valuable for reviews and historical analysis, but we also access real time data via our cloud based reporting system. This allows us, and our clients, to access results and trends whenever they like. They can see them unfold, rather than waiting for formal presentations. Our live data feed also helps us to keep our team informed with the most recent trends.

We Use Innovation And Agile Processes To Drive You Forward

Understanding how people make purchasing decisions, how to present a product effectively, and bringing client investments to life in store are our core drivers. This requires a clear understanding of the in store environment. And a detailed knowledge of store processes and guidelines. We use this knowledge to ensure that expensive POS isn’t wasted. And ensure that shelf displays and space in store reflect what our clients have agreed.

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what our customers say

At Service Innovation Group we pride ourselves on unrivalled clients relationships, and delivering impressive results. We do this by gaining a clear understanding of our clients business. And ensure we deliver on the results we promise. We have a varied customer portfolio which allows us to bring together ideas and initiatives from different sectors to benefit our clients.

“I consider SIG as an extension of our team. The Management support is extremely valuable, they together with the Field Team have adapted to our challenges and keep delivering a great service!”

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