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Service Innovation Group provides a wide range of services to help bring your products to market quickly. And ensure that agreed promotional and launch plans are in place and generate on-going sales. Supporting our clients to develop the best approach. Whether it’s a targeted short term activity, or broad scoped ongoing strategy is part of our expertise.

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Which services are right for you?

Field marketing covers a broad range of services, all designed to improve in-store availability, achieve perfect execution and deliver sales. Working hand in hand with our clients we determine the right solution to maximise client results.

Sales Teams

SIG sales teams work as a seamless extension of your own existing model, delivering flexible, agile coverage and optimal impact either through a syndicated, dedicated or REACT solution, that has been purpose-built to deliver the most cost-effective path to achieve all your brand and strategic objectives.

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Our in-store team of retail experts have deep knowledge and understanding of store disciplines and supply chain systems. This generates trust with retail store colleagues to allow them to provide key interventions at store-level.

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Our SIG audit team are highly skilled and experienced in providing accurate, timely and insightful data in clear, bespoke dashboards and client-centric reporting formats.

We ensure compliance across a multitude of key areas including protecting investment in valuable assets such as Shippers, Displays and POS.

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POS implementation and compliance

At SIG we understand and appreciate the value of point of sale, both as a significant financial investment and in the key role it plays in generating interest and brand cut through at the point of purchase.

We can manage and protect your POS life cycle from start to finish through offering a fully joined up and cohesive POS service from storage, re-packing, and shipping through to implementation, fill and compliance auditing.

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Retail Maintenance Technicians

Service Innovation Group’s dedicated team of Retail Technicians call on specialist, premium and experiential retail outlets including John Lewis, Curry’s, PC World, Harrods, to build and maintain displays of branded Electrical and Electronic Appliances and Devices.

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Flexible Workforce on-demand

If you have ever needed additional staff to evaluate and audit your brand’s presence in stores, our Flexible Work Force can help.

We have a scalable and widely-distributed community of experienced agents that are readily available for high-priority, immediate information gathering.

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Service Innovation Group’s technical team can support application and software development through remote testing, diagnostics and reporting. 

Our Technical Agents are experienced and highly competent in installing, running and testing apps across various platforms and Operating Systems and have provided vital feedback in the development of a global Track & Trace COVID Application and also Sleep Tracking and Fitness lifestyle apps.

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Data collection, annotation, and Quality Control

SIG’s specialist team of field technical agents collect diverse, comprehensive, and accurate data sets that feed into a myriad of different applications and deliver cost effective geographical coverage to our high-end technical clients.

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Outsourcing partnership and collaboration

Should you need to outsource any part of your project, or would just like to discuss the possible benefits of doing so, SIG can offer extensive advice to enable you to make the decision that’s right for your business.

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