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Service Innovation Group provides a wide range of services to help bring your products to market quickly. And ensure that agreed promotional and launch plans are in place and generate on-going sales. Supporting our clients to develop the best approach. Whether it’s a targeted short term activity, or broad scoped ongoing strategy is part of our expertise.

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Field marketing covers a broad range of services, all designed to improve in-store availability, achieve perfect execution and deliver sales. Working hand in hand with our clients we determine the right solution to maximise client results.


Merchandising is vital for both brands and retailers during product launches, planogram relays or replenishment during key sales periods such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers & Fathers Day. Our trained team of merchandising experts ensure that plans are properly executed, promotions activated and products displayed prominently.

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The first step to improving sales can be to fully understand the opportunities and issues at store level. The information gathered through in-store audits can be used to plan activity. Or presented to stakeholders to agree solutions and future proofing.

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business development

Business development requires sales focussed, hardworking team players with a competitive edge to succeed in engaging with business owners and decision makers. At Service Innovation Group we understand the importance of ensuring that your prospective. And existing customers are handled in a professional and effective manner. Business development projects focus on building long term relationships with your clients to source, nurture and close new sales opportunities.

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Having invested in permanent, or long term displays in the retail environment, it is important to ensure that they are maintained to a high standard and that any defective, out of date or damaged elements are identified, updated, fixed or removed from sale in a timely manner to preserve brand equity. Equally, ensuring displays are regularly replenished maximises the investment. As well as encourages store decision makers to continue to allocate valuable space on the shopfloor.

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mystery shopping

There is nothing more important than the consumer experience. At Service Innovation Group we are experienced in developing mystery shopper projects.  They provide brands and head office personnel with insights into the in store experience. We provide recommendations gleaned from the insight we gain which can be used for staff training and education, incentives and product development plans.

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active selling

Proactively selling directly to customers in store requires a defined skillset. A mix of sales ability and interpersonal skills are needed to ensure that customer interactions are positive and reflect client brand values. We deploy extensive training and on-going support to all of our sales teams. And ensure they are fully equipped to deliver the best customer experience.

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POS Placement

Getting your product and your point of sale sited in today’s retail environment has never been more important. Service Innovation Group can receive, collate, manage, store, and distribute your POS to our skilled teams to deliver gold standard execution in-store, ensuring your POS is at the front of mind for your consumers right from day one of your promotion.

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Data And Insights

Service Innovation Group offer predictive analytics at the forefront of field marketing.

Our predictive data & analytic solution Mi Retail unlocks the doors to your customers of the future while harnessing the power of your on shelf availability field sales data.

Our market intelligence solution offers unparalleled demographic reach to allow you to connect with your target consumers.

Mi fully segments and profiles your consumer base to ensure you are targeting the right people, in the right area, at the right time.

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Innovation in Tech

Service Innovation Group leads the way in accurate data collection and strive to continuously innovate the way we use technology to ensure our Field Operations teams are ahead of the curve in leading technological advancements.

Our technical teams work together with leading Technology providers to shape physical raw data into actionable insights, helping them in the development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Application and Software development.

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