Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is the best way for our clients to truly understand the customer’s experience in retail or food service outlets. Our teams visit stores as a normal customer, following a carefully devised brief to mimic customer behavior in a natural way. The type of information which is gathered is varied. Ranging from store staff interactions and product knowledge to sales techniques.

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First-class Mystery shopping services

A well planned Mystery Shopper program is an excellent way to fully understand the customer experience. Detailed insights allow for targeted communication between Head Offices and outlets to fix the issues that have been identified.

Mystery Shopping is the best way to have a detailed understanding of the development areas of your business.

Once a Mystery Shop program is complete, the information gathered can be used to improve staff training. As well as head office communication and staff incentives. Mystery Shoppers can be deployed again at a later date to assess improvement. Mystery shop programs are often used regularly to incentive staff and retailers based upon their performance. We believe that using Mystery Shop programs to reward staff ensures that they engage with the program and embrace the results in a positive way.

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What will you get with our business development services?

We provide experienced Mystery Shoppers who are fully trained to interact with staff in a professional yet natural manner. We complete an extensive review of the data and feedback captured. This enables us to provide our clients with actionable recommendations. And insights into the customer experience. Many Mystery Shopper programs are recurring which allows for improvements to be tracked. And regional differences to be monitored and staff incentives to be built into long term action plans.