Store audits can be an important first step in understanding the scope of issues which might be impacting availability and sales in a retail outlet. Gathering information can also help to steer decisions on the direction of future operations. Audit data provides our clients with store level insight on issues and opportunities surrounding their products; this data can drive useful discussion with retailers and buyers. Our auditing service helps suppliers and brands to understand implementation and availability levels, and head offices to understand the level at which direction is being followed by Store Managers.

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Auditing your store or even business on a regular basis helps to understand what areas need change, or at least development. Audits focused around stock, promotions and overall day to day running can really help to boost business success.

The process of auditing is great to ensure that your business operations are effective and running smoothly.

Having a team that understands the importance of data accuracy is key to our clients having confidence in the results. We train our teams so that they fully understand the importance of precise reporting. We also audit every field merchandiser. And check 100% of our visit data prior to publishing client reporting to ensure that data anomalies are verified up front. This end to end process allows us to be confident that the data we provide our clients is robust. As well as ensure the recommendations we make are justified.

Audits can be effective to assess compliance on marketing agreements. Such as new product launches and point of sale implementation. Or it can be used to monitor initiatives and performance targets on an ongoing basis.

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What will you get with our auditing services?

Precise information and data analysis is at the heart of our service. We provide detailed reporting and full, live access to all data and photographs. Upon completion of every activity we provide clients with a summary of the key insights gained. And give recommendations to allow our clients to fully understand the in-store environment. This helps them to shape their future plans, or to change the approach of existing ones.