Getting your product and your point of sale sited in today’s retail environment has never been more important. Service Innovation Group can receive, collate, manage, store, and distribute your POS to our skilled teams to deliver gold standard execution in-store, ensuring your POS is at the front of mind for your consumers right from day one of your promotion.

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Point of sale management and placement is a key element of your marketing strategy and gives a fantastic return on investment and awareness of your brand by putting your product In front of potential consumers.

Ensuring that POS that you have spent time and money on is sited in the correct location in-store can often be overlooked where it is sent directly to the store to site, where it is all too often, missed, lost, or even damaged.

Sending your expensive point of sale directly to store rather than it being walked in can result in a 30% reduction in overall compliance, something to avoid wherever possible.

That’s where Service Innovation Group come in.


  • Service Innovation Group have our own central warehouse facility function where a dedicated team handle POS and storage for livestock across our customer teams.
  • Last year we managed, collated, and distribute over 1.5 million items of POS and we are quickly and easily able to create store specific kits where required due to our efficient pick and packing facility.
  • Our stock management and allocation facility are all automated across all our clients and makes for easier reconciling and quick turnaround for POS to land in-store and out to our field sales teams.
  • In addition – our dedicated warehouse facility provides 30,000 square feet of POS storage facilities for ongoing activities with no limits on duration of holding stock, ready for quick 24-hour turnaround.
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POS is distributed into the hands of our skilled teams who can then walk in and site in the correct place at the correct time, giving your investment the audience, you’ve paid for.


Talk to us today to find out more about how we can help your POS compliance increase in-store.