POS Implementation

POS implementation

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Manufacturing a top-notch product is not enough to make a huge profit. It is the way you promote and advertise it that really drives the sales. Point of sale promotion is one of the most important aspects in the marketing mix. Can’t seem to find your target group? Don’t understand why customers just walk by your product? That’s where we come in! Our devoted team of POS retail specialists will audit your marketing campaign and develop the right strategy to make your product stand out on the shelf.

What is POS marketing?

Point of sale marketing is a set of techniques designed to encourage customers to buy products they see in a store. The most popular POS marketing tools include:

  • Signs & Displays
  • Banners & Posters
  • Samples & Demos

If applied correctly, these techniques can draw the customers’ attention away from the competitors’ products significantly incrementing your sales. We specialise in effective POS implementation that is guaranteed to give your promotion campaign a boost and put your product into the spotlight.

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Service Innovation Group POS specialists are well-experienced in the field.

Rest assured: your promotional campaign is in good hands! We guarantee the fastest response rate no matter how many stores need to be covered. Our POS services include visiting stores, building POS materials and siting them in primary locations, as well as making sure your products are always in stock to support and maximize the sales everywhere. We work hand in hand with some of the biggest retailers in the UK. Long-term connections with the stores give us an edge over competitors and help us gain additional space for extra shippers displays and clip strips barkers for our clients.

Benefits of POS promotion

POS promotion can provide you with the numerous opportunities and advantages. Let us discuss some of them:

  • POS promotion gives your product more exposure
  • It is an effective way to inform customers about new offers and deals
  • It creates a more aesthetically pleasing display that instantly attracts attention
  • POS marketing increases the product’s credibility and makes it look more high-quality
  • It provides comprehensive information without being intrusive
  • It builds up your brand
  • It increases customers’ loyalty

The combination of all these factors gives you the ultimate benefit – it encourages customers to choose your product among the array of alternatives giving you increased revenue and leaving your competitors in the dust.

Let’s add an exciting twist to your promotion campaign that will give customers an incentive to choose your product over dozens of others!

POS marketing is not a new approach. It has been around for years implementing simple techniques for the best display design and positioning to promote sales. What sets us apart from our competitors? Service Innovation Group provides marketing services with a personal touch. New products pop up every day making it harder to retain customers’ attention for long. SIG experts know what consumers want.