Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers

Do you have a great product, perfect location, skillful staff but all of that just doesn’t translate into big sales?

If only you could see your business from the customer’s point of view… Well, now you can! Thanks to mystery shoppers, you can get a full report on how customers view your brand as well as what really goes on at your point of sales when supervisors are not around.


Mystery shopping is a popular marketing technique of using independent, unbiased auditors posing as ordinary customers to collect information about the quality of a product or services provided by a retail company. Service Innovation Group is one of the top secret shopper providers in the UK and Europe. Let our specialists inspect your store and find out how clean and organised it is as well as how your staff greets and assists customers!

Mystery shopper | services
Mystery shopper undercover | services

Benefits of mystery shopping:

  • It monitors and measures your business performance Get honest feedback from impartial customers on how they perceive your brand.
  • It gives a competitive edge Stop wondering why your competitors have bigger sales – hire a UK mystery shopper! Find out what they do that you don’t and fix it.
  • It identifies training needs If your staff lacks in skill, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to fire them. Discover new sales opportunities and train your employees to reach them.
  • It increases customer retention rate The combination of impeccable service and high-quality product makes a recipe for turning your store visitors into loyal customers. Make sure your brand is as appealing as you think.
  • It helps evaluate your point of sales state Our specialists will review the overall cleanliness of the store and the tidiness of the product display to give you an inside scoop on what your point of sales looks like when management is not around.

Do you want to boost sales and increase revenue?

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