Merchandising & replenishment

First-class replenishment and merchandising services

In retailing, it’s of primary importance to provide your potential buyers with everything they need to make a purchase. Effective inventory management is a vital step you should begin with. Service Innovation Group is one of the most reputable merchandising agencies that will steer your business to increased sales and grow your brand recognition. We specialise in identifying your retail needs and coming up with an excellent solution to meet them adequately. After in-depth research in your sector is carried out, our team will develop a tailored strategy aimed at enhancing the buying experience of your customers.

Professional field merchandising and replenishment are those ingredients that make up a recipe for a successful business. It is an accurate forecast for product availability, attention-grabbing display, store layout and promotional events that encourage buyers to shop at your retail facility. This is what our team will do for your business. We are here to explore every avenue to boost your marketing activities and achieve the desired economic outcome.

One of the best field merchandising companies in the UK, Service Innovation Group enables you to experience the power of the perfect branding. When working with us, you will take advantage of such sales-driven techniques as displaying, pricing, allocation and replenishment. We will bring all your marketing ideas to life while developing a strategy that will work for your retail business.

Merchandising & Replenishment

What will you get with our retail merchandising services?

With Service Innovation Group on your side, you will be able to get the most out of space maximisation, pricing, inventory management and branding techniques aimed at helping shoppers make a purchase. Our replenishment and merchandising services include everything it takes to create a favourable environment for your customers. Driven by this idea, we make sure your store is capable of putting all competitors into the shade with the help of:

  • Tailored branding programme. It’s one of our merchandising products for UK retailers. We are committed to promoting your brand so that your target audience recognises it instantly.
  • Increased sales. Effective merchandising and replenishment may generate substantial profits in the retail industry. At Service Innovation Group, we enable you to take advantage of out-of-the-box product pricing and displaying techniques.
  • Maximised availability and visibility of goods. Meeting the anticipated need is a must for any retail business. We place an increasing emphasis on key performance indicators, sales data and supply capabilities to fulfil your customers’ expectations.
  • Efficient inventory management. After the analysis of your sales and location data, our team will make sure all your goods are stored in the right place and at the right time.

It’s high time to deliver incremental sales.

Any marketing activity at your retail facility should be carried out to meet the needs of your customers. Our team is at your service to identify right replenishment quantities, ensure an adequate product flow and manage your inventory efficiently. Make use of our professional field merchandising solutions and bring your business on the way to spectacular success.

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Kim Astle | Service Innovation Group UK

Kim Astle

Kim is our Client Services Manager for Compass Group. She has more than 18 years experience in sales and field marketing working across the grocery, convenience, wholesale and food service channels. She has worked with multiple brand leading companies specialising in FMCG.


Tracey Banks | Service Innovation Group UK

Tracey Banks

People are our key strength and without doubt the shining USP of SIG’s business. With 20+ years of managing a range of field teams each with a unique set of skills Tracey understands what it is required to maintain and develop this precious resource, which is central to delivering excellence for our clients.

Mariana Charalambous | Service Innovation Group UK

Mariana Charalambous​

After spending some time working in the Recruitment industry following university Mariana joined Service Innovation Group in 2008, working her way up to current role as Client Services Manager. During her 11 years working for SIG she has gained experience within various areas of the business, largely working closely with numerous clients managing all of their field marketing needs, short and long term, through a variety of in store activities and projects to achieve maximum end results.

Laura Bailey | Service Innovation Group UK

Laura Bailey

Having worked in the industry for 15 years, Laura has a wealth of Field Marketing knowledge and experience and has managed many field sales and merchandising teams of various categories and scales. With a passion for number crunching and going above and beyond expectations, Laura is well placed to deliver outstanding results for SIG clients.

Valerie Van Bever | Service Innovation Group UK

Valerie Van Bever

Throughout my professional career of 25 years, of which 11 years at SIG, I’ve occupied several positions in international project management, business development, HR and operations management. I’m an enthusiastic negotiator and communicator, multilingual (NL – FR – EN – GE) and very flexible. Moreover I’m a very competitive and result driven people manager with passion for Field Marketing

Janine McGarry | Service Innovation Group UK

Janine McGarry

With over 5 years expertise gained in the mobile technology and field marketing industry, I joined SIG in late 2017 to lead the delivery of tactical client solutions across multiple brands in retail. Investing time to understand the core values and objectives of each of my clients is an approach I have always been very passionate about, ensuring excellence and high satisfaction from the final results.

Paula Goddard | Service Innovation Group UK

Paula Goddard

Our diverse portfolio of long-term partners and projects is testament to our ability to bend, flex and bespoke our approach to deliver incremental value, away and beyond the usual field marketing remit. Our expertise, experience, knowledge and capabilities are not limited to the retailer aisles and we avoid the “one size fits all” approach by underpinning campaigns with specific technical, qualitative, quantitative reporting and recommendations that ensure a 360 degree, fully joined up sustainable solution that delivers an outstanding ROI and cements long-term partnerships.

Stewart Read | Service Innovation Group UK

Stewart Read

Stewart’s natural competitive nature ensures there is nowhere else he would rather be than leading from the front. An accomplished and proven Client Director, instrumental in the development of key accounts by building strong relationships and partnerships with key clients.

Rebekah Jones | Service Innovation Group UK

Rebekah Jones

A dynamic and strategic leader who motivates teams to deliver excellence across our client portfolio. An ingrained knowledge and understanding of the service business through years of successful client engagement. A fiercely competitive spirit and over 16 years of field marketing experience, winning new business, growing profitable organisations and developing exceptional teams and people across Europe.

Mohamed Ibrahim | Service Innovation Group UK

Mohamed Ibrahim

Being Sociable is a strength that helps Mohamed build new relationships and maintain existing ones. Chances are he is happy in outward-facing roles which require a high level of interaction and has built up a good network of contacts. Being Adaptable is all about the ability to cope with, and even embrace, change. This gives Mohamed an advantage as he is able to successfully adjust to changing goals and objectives at work, making him a flexible team member. In being Balanced Mohamed is usually calm in times of stress and difficulty. In the face of adversity, he is able to stay level headed and focused. Because Mohamed is Confident, he believes strongly in his own abilities. It’s a quality that helps him push himself, enabling him to go beyond his own expectations of success.

Jayne Jones | Service Innovation Group UK

Jayne Jones

Lives by the phrase the devil is in the detail – and applies this at work to fully understand every specific detail of client’s requirements, goals and objectives to ensure our tailored proposals add value and deliver the most effective solution for your Field Marketing projects, and campaigns.

Mark Owen | Service Innovation Group UK

Mark Owen

I have been with Service Innovation Group since January 2015 for one of the world’s largest technology brands. I started my career in the Forces (Army) and moved into Electrical retail in 1999 in a variety of Management positions. I transferred from shop floors to Field Marketing in 2008 as a Territory Executive and then onto leading a National Team of over 280 people for a major FMCG Confectionery brand. I have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and bring a wealth of experience in field marketing, product launches and people management.

Emma Jarvis | Service Innovation Group UK

Emma Jarvis

Having started her Field Marketing journey as a merchandiser 19 years ago, Emma has hands on experience across a multitude of roles in the field, contact centre, tactical and strategic management, working with some of the World’s leading FMCG and automotive brands. Emma uses this experience paired with a keen eye for detail, a relentless drive for improvement and a client centric approach to successfully lead teams in the UK and Europe for our Gift Card clients.

Tim Lark | Service Innovation Group UK

Tim Lark

As lover of all things fast and furious, Tim has applied the same ‘go hard or go home’ determination to his 18+ years with Service Innovation Group. By understanding how every part of the SIG ‘engine’ works, his leadership drives a talented team of field marketing experts towards client excellence and best in class results throughout Europe.