Merchandising & replenishment

The use of merchandising and strategic product placement to ensure that products are available. And that promotions are clearly communicated on shelf is the most effective way to attract customers and sales.

In the busy retail environment retailer execution does not always reflect the brands vision and plan.

Our merchandising team work effectively in stores to ensure that promotional point of sale is placed. And that stock levels are optimal. As well as highlight ordering requirements to store staff to minimise out of stock products.

We can manage the process in store from ordering to merchandising. Ensuring that every sales opportunity is maximised.

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First-class replenishment and merchandising services

Service Innovation Group are one of the leading award winning merchandising agencies in the UK. We educate all of our teams on in store processes and retailer specific terminology. Helping them to understand the detail so that our merchandisers are clear about what can be achieved in store whilst following retailer guidelines. And what level of flexibility store management have. We incorporate everything from how to print a shelf edge label, to how to achieve maximum in store presence.

Product placement and availability has a direct link to sales.

Merchandising teams can implement new product launches and site new display units to ensure that key products get the agreed space and presence in store. A successful merchandising operation isn’t just about setting the store up properly for a launch or on day one of a promotion. It’s also about working closely with staff to ensure that the correct processes are in place. So that displays and new products continue to be replenished for the life of the display or promotion. Ensuring that your products are regularly replenished, to avoid out of stocks and generate ongoing sales, is a key part of a merchandising operation.

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What will you get with our retail merchandising services?

We work with our clients to design a merchandising program that produces long term benefits. We look into the data to identify the factors that are driving low stock levels, poor product placement and lack of promotional compliance. If gaining dual placement in store is one of the program objectives. Then we work with our clients to ensure that our teams are provided with the data needed to justify the extra space with a Store Manager. Our aim is not just to identify issues at the time of the store visit, but to work in store to fix them. And equip store staff with the information they need to motivate them to provide continued support and focus in store.