Maintaining the appearance of product displays and ensuring that stock levels are optimal for their life span helps to maximise the return on investment. And maintain a positive brand perception. Having spent time and money to design a display and agree it’s placement at Head office level, it is just as important to keep that display pristine. Maintenance programs can include rectifying low or out of stocks, fixing any damage to a fixture or demonstration devices, completing software or planogram updates. First impressions count and all of these factors will impact sales if they are not managed. This is particularly important for premium, luxury and technology products.

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First-class Maintenance services

Maintaince within your store is just as important as customers coming into purchase with you. A well kept store is a pleasure for customers and staff like to be a part of. It all represents your brand in the best way and creates that positive brand perception.

Ensuring your store is maintained and looks premium at all times is the best way in which you attract customers.

At Service Innovation Group we build bespoke maintenance plans to meet clients individual needs. We provide our teams with full product and technical training, how to handle and report damages, how to approach operational issues. And a full understanding of the retailers operational processes. Our team must be able to work closely with store staff to assess, fix and report issues quickly. So we also train our teams to build strong in store relationships. Protecting our clients’ investment, as well as generating sales are the two main objectives of our maintenance service.

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What will you get with our maintenance services?

We work to ensure that your equipment is well maintained and fully stocked. As well as building relationships with store staff to ensure that displays are looked after between visits. Where appropriate our field teams can work closely with Regional and National Retail or Brand Managers, to share information or resolve recurring issues that they find in store. We work closely with our clients to provide fast, detailed daily, weekly or monthly reporting to highlight key issues, repair requirements, trends and recommendations.