Service Innovation Group leads the way in accurate data collection and strives to continuously innovate the way we use technology to ensure our Field Operations teams are ahead of the curve in leading technological advancements.

Our technical teams work together with leading Technology providers to shape physical raw data into actionable insights, helping them in the development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Application, and Software development.

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Our team of Technical Field Operators are specialists in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models of data collection, critical for use in building, improving, and maintaining the systems and algorithms behind some of the world’s most used software.

From city and route mapping, location accuracy tracking, POI annotation to lifestyle applications such as sleep or exercise tracking, our operators provide accurate, comprehensive and detailed back-end data that enables the functionality of applications that enhance the daily lives of millions across the globe.

Some of the services we offer in this area include

  • Geo-mapping data – accurate collection and annotation of geographical, ground-truth data for use in GIS and routing platforms and applications
  • Traffic and footfall measurement data for Highways and Town planning, government, and retailer data
  • POI annotation – accurate collation, annotation, and labelling with additional detail around opening times and occupancy levels
  • Field signal “testing” – WiFi and telecoms

Data collection for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Data-set collection
  • Data annotation and labelling
  • Model validation
  • Online, off-line data verification and entry 

Surveys, Qualitive and quantitative data collection

  • Mystery shop
  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires


  • APP testing across all platforms for development and improvement
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