Service Innovation Group offer predictive analytics at the forefront of field marketing. 

Our predictive data & analytic solution Mi Retail unlocks the doors to your customers of the future while harnessing the power of your on shelf availability field sales data.

Our market intelligence solution offers unparalleled demographic reach to allow you to connect with your target consumers. 

Mi fully segments and profiles your consumer base to ensure you are targeting the right people, in the right area, at the right time.

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Data and insight made simple. 

We take your on shelf availability data and Mi – our inhouse data, analytics, and insight solution then identifies opportunities within your data to create EPOS driven alerts, creating measured interventions at store level that are then sent down to our team’s devices through our inhouse technology Celero One

We remove the need for guesswork and costly project implementation by working with you to understand the stores that need support. 

Intelligent field marketing.

Mi in Retail by Service Innovation Group can offer your brand the insight needed to instigate real change at store level by presenting real solutions to retail challenges, including – 

Stock replenishment concerns and forecasting

On shelf availability


Strange sales patterns.



Should you need to understand your target market further Mi by Service Innovation Group allows you to build a picture of your ideal customers and then identify segments you should choose to target them – 

if you already know your target audience, then Mi can pinpoint other potential groups which are alike to expand reach and consumer base in areas you might not otherwise have considered. 

Underpinned by fully searchable variables.

Once identified, our experienced field sales team can then reach potential new customers quickly, through our REACT rapid deployment teams.


Utilising the very latest in technology, Service Innovation Group can segment your target estate of stores to understand where the real opportunity lies – monitoring sales and compliance to maximise the return on your investment every time.



Once your interventions are determined through Mi – a lost sales value price is attributed to them based on historical rate of sale.

  • Our REACT team are then driven to these stores – aligned to number of visits required to fix and any ongoing maintenance through segmentation
  • Granular interrogation of interventions means more actionable insights and a greater ROI
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And with a fully flexible store model – once stores become stable you can easily adapt coverage to ensure your brand is supported wherever and whenever you need support.

Talk to us today to find out more about how our data and insights solutions are delivering real change for our customers across FMCG, Tech, Grocery, Impulse, Wholesale and much more.