Business Development

Effective business development is vital to ensure long term, sustained growth. All of our clients work in challenging environments and our business development teams are trained to have the required brand knowledge and experience to build relationships and grow sales.

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First-class business development services

Business Development is a great way to ensure that your business is thriving. We can ensure this is the case through our various processes and innovative approach to business. We do this by implementing proven plans which get your business to the very front each time.

Utilising the very best and innovative strategies, we create a model which can be used time and time again.

Our teams are skilled at expanding existing relationships, and building upon new ones. It can cover everything from traditional sales, to category management and promotional implementation. We already cover a variety of sectors with experienced teams that are able to present information in a compelling way to drive orders and build brand presence.

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What will you get with our business development services?

Service Innovation Groups Business development programs are driven by team performance. From the outset we work closely with our clients to gain a full understanding of their objective. And agree clear priorities and performance targets for the team. Our live reporting system allows us to see results as they come in. We can share successes and best practices as a program progresses. Our sales teams are fully trained to embody the brand’s values and to become experts in the products they represent so that they can act as Ambassadors for our clients. We prepare our teams for the challenges they will face in store, and the market conditions they are working in. We train them to be able to overcome objections effectively. Whilst maintaining a flexible sales approach to help them achieve their targets.

As with everything we do, we are judged on our results. And our model is designed to be as adaptive and flexible as our clients need us to be.