Active Selling

Active selling capitalises on direct customer interaction within the retail sector. Approaching customers in the retail environment to promote a product requires not only sales skills, but also diplomacy. Active sellers need to be able to judge the willingness of the customer to engage, pick up on buying signals, overcome objections and to adjust their approach accordingly. Highlighting the key selling points of a product to the customer in a short but convincing way, is the main focus of active selling.

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Engage Your Customers First

Active selling programs can be used to promote everything from an everyday product, to the sale of luxury items. Our sales teams are chosen carefully to ensure that they have the right level of experience and knowledge to present a professional, knowledgeable sales pitch to customers.

Customer Service and Product Knowledge are where you can enable your business to stand out.

At Service Innovation Group we train our sales teams to utilise consultative selling techniques. So that they are comfortable presenting the key selling points in a clear and concise manner. We also help our teams to understand the competition so that they are equipped to overcome objections. We know that sales achieved are due to a combination of persuasiveness and product knowledge. And we work with clients to provide our teams with all of the necessary tools to close a sale.

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What will you get with your active selling service?

A professional team that understands the importance of each customer interaction. We provide in-depth training to every sales team member so that they are fully prepared to:

  • Represent the product in a way that reflects the brand values
  • Effectively share the key features and benefits of a product with the customer
  • Deal with customer questions, objections and queries
  • Work towards achieving pre-defined sales targets and key performance indicators

Throughout the program Service Innovation Group will provide reporting on all sales data and trends. Our real time reporting allows us to share best practice and make adjustments where needed. This will ensure a flexible and effective sales operation.