The Technology market is constantly evolving and changing. This continual product development makes it an exciting sector to work in. However, this is not a sector without its challenges. 

At Service Innovation Group we work with some of the biggest technology companies utilising our dedicated retail maintenance technicians to check, review and fix without the need for you to utilise capacity within your full-time teams.

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Get ahead in the technical revolution and bring your products to the forefront.

More than 60% of us use a piece of technology to automate a process in our lives.

The growth in the use of technology in our day to day lives has been extraordinary. So has the breadth of product development that has accompanied that growth. At Service Innovation Group we work with our clients closely at every stage of an activity. Paying particular attention to the data insights that our team provides to ensure a flexible and effective operation which is as agile as the market. 

This experience of working with the biggest electronic retailers and service providers, provides us insight into how to best work with store staff to achieve our clients aims in an ever-changing environment,

  • Branded electronics
  • Software/App developers
  • Supply chain analysts
  • GIS / Geo mapping
  • On-line web content
  • Real Estate
  • Advertising services
  • Engineering and Systems
  • Highways & government agencies
  • Management and outsourcing consultants
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Create something amazing and let us do the work to get it into the market space.

Ensuring that our client’s products retain their planned space and display in store is part of our expertise.  Our extensive experience in the technology sector gives us insight into what works. In store, and how to work in the retail environment to achieve this.

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