Premium Retail

Premium Retail is a sector where the tone and approach of a merchandiser or active seller in store must be perfectly aligned to the brand they are representing. Training and understanding of the USP and market for these customers is key.

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Great product needs to be accompanied with great field marketing.

With the right support in store we can help ensure that products are on the correct displays. And that staff are aware and supportive of marketing plans. In Premium Retail presentation is key, as is having the ability to implement instore displays down to the last detail.

Premium brands need premium displays.

Premium products are usually supported by premium point of sale material and displays. Ensuring that all promotional support is prominently displayed in store is vital to ensure that compliance and sales targets are being met.

Part of working in this environment is understanding the dynamics that drive success. And with the combination of our team’s expertise, and our data insights we ensure that our clients in store presence matches the brand values.

Helping brands stand out, highlighting brand values, and engaging with customers in a way that supports those values are all key to a successful campaign

Service Innovation Group have vast experience of working within UK and EU premium retail outlets, recruiting profiled staff and understanding the complexities and importance of getting things right first time, every time for our clients.

  • Specialist outlets
  • Prestige outlets
  • Experiential stores
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Insights and implementation drive sales success.

With all of our clients we work closely with the data to analyse results in real time. This gives our clients the confidence to know that projects are working as expected. As well as the ability to adjust plans should it be necessary. Combining expertise, with insights and in-depth staff training is the key to successful in-store programs.

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