Food Service

There is no other sector where the customer experience is more important than Food ServiceService Innovation Group understands that delivering a great experience with every meal is the key to long term success.  Our experience with Mystery Customer programs combined with our understanding of the pressures in this sector enable us to devise support programs that help our clients win and maintain customers.

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It’s all about the experience.

A superb dining experience is a combination of great food and exceptional customer service. At Service Innovation Group we work with our clients to understand all aspects of the customer experience to help them improve customer experience and secure brand loyalty in a crowded marketplace.

Customer Service and Training are vital to success.

Within Food Service there are a variety of activities which can be used to improve service, train staff and ensure head office directives are understood and implemented. At Service Innovation Group we combine experience and training to ensure that our clients get the maximum benefit from all operations.

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Improving communication between head office and food service outlets is a pivotal element of our work.

Effectively communicating, and ensuring implementation of head office initiatives can be difficult in a busy environment.  Service Innovation Group can help to ensure smooth communication from head office to restaurant, as well as providing additional support where it Is needed.  Working with staff to improve service, and implement our clients plans ensures that they see a quick return on investment.

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