The busiest sector by far. Constant product launches, relays and endless promotions that dominate the fast moving consumer goods sector.  Within this sector a detailed knowledge of how stores work forms the basis of all of our operations. Our aim is to work with our clients to ensure implementation levels are excellent. And promotional compliance is high.  As well as ensuring we are completing new product launches at pace.

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FMCG continues to dominate the retail sector, it is fast paced and growing quickly.

FMCG is a sector where real time data is an absolute must. At Service Innovation Group we understand the importance of turning data into actionable instructions for our teams and insights for our clients. Highly trained, with a clear understanding of the systems within each of the major players. Service Innovation Group can deliver fast, targeted support for our client’s brands.

Product placement and merchandising is vital to success within FMCG.

The key to success within FMCG is ensuring that the space and promotional implementation achieved at store level reflects what has been agreed at Head Office level. Merchandising operations are all about getting stock on shelves and executing displays. Which is a core element of the support we provide our clients. At Service Innovation Group we understand retailer intricacies. We use our trained staff to help stores implement agreed plans. As well as helping them to improve ordering processes and drive stock levels.

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Effective displays, on shelf presence and POS implementation is the basis of a great presence within FMCG.

FMCG retailers receive a huge amount of POS to display. It’s a vital part of the customer communication. It is important to get it sited in the best position possible in store. We work with stores to ensure that our clients’ displays are implemented quickly, effectively and visibly.

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