Our Sectors

At Service Innovation Group we have extensive experience across multiple sectors. Wherever you are, we are.

We have dedicated teams of highly trained retail staff with the right experience using real time data for every project to deliver exceptional results.

Our dedicated retail maintenance technicians are trained to work across different sectors and are trained to the very highest level and we continually evolve this through our retail partnerships and inhouse training facilities.

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Let us take your brand places

Our clients’ brand values form the guiding principles for every activity plan. Brand integrity is key in a busy, competitive marketplace. And at Service Innovation Group we are committed to building long term relationships. So that our continually reflects our clients’ core values and consistently adds value.


Consumer goods is one of the busiest, most competitive sectors our clients operate in. Instore execution is imperative to success in this sector. Service Innovation Group combines our expertise with flexibility to deliver great in store results for our clients and we have over 40 years of experience within this sector, considered our heartland.

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The Technology market is constantly evolving and changing. This continual product development makes it an exciting sector to work in. However, not a sector without its challenges. 

At Service Innovation Group we work with some of the biggest technology companies. And this experience provides us insight into how to best work with store staff to achieve our clients aims.

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Food service

The food service industry is constantly evolving to meet new customer demands and market trends. With new sectors emerging all the time to meet changing customer tastes.

This sector is also often the gateway to trial for new and exciting NPD, so getting the correct delivery in this sector  is critical to a successful 360 degree launch plan.

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Financial services

Service Innovation Group’s experience within this sector is unrivalled, with 2 full time dedicated teams delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Financial Service clients require a niche, experienced agency to deliver projects based on trust and understanding of the sector, our teams are supported with effective, appropriate sales techniques, developed in-house through our dedicated sales training platform.

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premium retail

Premium Retail is a sector where the tone and approach of a merchandiser or active seller in store must be perfectly aligned to the brand they are representing. Training and understanding of the USP and market for these customers is key.

Helping brands stand out, highlighting brand values, and engaging with customers in a way that supports those values are all key to a successful campaign

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other sectors

At Service Innovation Group we bring a wide range of experience to all sectors that we work in. Combining our in-store knowledge with highly trained field teams ensures that we can deliver successful operations. Our knowledge, combined with data analysis, ensure that our clients benefit from our extensive expertise.

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