5th October 2018

Costcutter Festive Campaign

    Now its October we can talk ‘Christmas’.  Looking forward to seeing Costcutter’s Festive Campaign in stores. We’ve been…

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5th September 2018

Co-Op: Plastic Bags

It’s encouraging to hear the Co-op are joining all the major retailers in the bid to help the environment with…

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5th August 2018

Tesco’s: Jack’s

A great decision for Tesco’s to listen to their customer’s needs and bring in their new ‘Jacks’ stores. At Service…

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26th August 2018

Field Marketing Agencies: 25 Top Companies in Europe

There are hundreds of field marketing agencies in Europe which are providing the marketing services for boosting Companies sales and engagement but only a few are successful.

Actually, Most of the Agencies are providing the one-way marketing services without involving the audience at all, and they are only focusing to force the audience to register their emails.

On the other hand, creative Field Marketing Agencies are doing their best to involve the audience in their field marketing solutions and only focus on the learning of the audience about the company for making them potential buyers of the products or services.

So, here are the top field marketing agencies which we selected on the basis of their retail field marketing strategies and successful projects completed all over Europe.


Introduction: Service Innovation Group makes the difference in field marketing solutions. 50 years of experience in an ever-changing and challenging sector makes Service Innovation Group UK the perfect partner to deliver economic success in field sales and marketing activities for our clients. Service Innovation Group UK provide target orientated analysis and flexible, measurable and sustainable quality and the point of sale that allows our clients to steer their field marketing activities in the most strategically aligned and economically successful way.

SIG Sales Austria:

Introduction: We want to be perceived as the leading digital field sales & marketing services company. Based on measurable and sustainable quality in POS support, our projects enable our clients to plan their sales and marketing activities along with their own strategic direction and to implement them with the greatest possible success.
We provide leading brands with innovative and demonstrably profitable outsourcing solutions that allow control of all sales and marketing activities with maximum flexibility and success.

SIG Poland:

Introduction: Ice hockey is a difficult but fair team game. Speed, intelligence, and ruthlessness are the features that make this sport stand out. When only victory matters, tactics and skills must be perfectly coordinated with each other. Tactics, teamwork and quick response are also a priority for SIG. This is due to the fact that the best way to succeed in a dynamically growing market is to quickly take over the lead. Choosing the right strategy and achieving business success depends only on you. SIG services will help you and your company to maximize your success by combining experience with management, innovative methods, and tools as well as a comprehensive range of services.

SIG France:

Introduction: For more than 50 years, the company has carried out 3 types of services :

Substitute Sales Force
Linear optimization / merchandising
Commercial animation

Our goal is to implement all human and material resources to achieve the expected results.

Our trained, coached and motivated teams adapt to your needs (distribution channels, markets, and products …) with a common goal:


SIG Netherlands:

Introduction: Service Innovation Group is a leader in Field Marketing. With more than five decades of experience. In an ever-changing and challenging sector, SIG is the perfect partner to achieve growth and economic success by delivering excellent sales and marketing activities for our customers. SIG offers result-oriented analyzes that are flexible, measurable and of high quality. These aspects provide POS where our customers can manage their field marketing activities in a strategic and successful way.

Reduna Norway:

Introduction: We help our clients with POS and Print designs, traditional marketing and identity materials. We have a broad range of experience in professional design, layout, illustration, painting, typography and photography. We can help you design an experience, a way to reach out to new and current customers.

Sige Spain:

Introduction: Achieve the full satisfaction of our customers and exponentially enhance their brand image and sales, are our main objectives. We adapt to your particularities and offer you the best strategies to achieve your goals. Our clients are both great brands that are perfectly consolidated in the market, as well as small brands that place their trust in us to successfully establish themselves, achieve their objectives and become reference brands. Without a doubt, for us, the most important thing is our customers.

So, these are some of the best field marketing agencies which are offering some of the best field marketing solutions. I suggest you to select one of them and you can easily start your campaigns by simply contacting them.

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