5th October 2018

Costcutter Festive Campaign

    Now its October we can talk ‘Christmas’.  Looking forward to seeing Costcutter’s Festive Campaign in stores. We’ve been…

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5th September 2018

Co-Op: Plastic Bags

It’s encouraging to hear the Co-op are joining all the major retailers in the bid to help the environment with…

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5th August 2018

Tesco’s: Jack’s

A great decision for Tesco’s to listen to their customer’s needs and bring in their new ‘Jacks’ stores. At Service…

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creative field marketing
26th August 2018

Creative/Professional Field Marketing: How to select Best?

Creative Field Marketing is not just about displaying the products in front of the Customers “out in the field” at college campuses, retail locations or in the public places, but In fact, professional field marketing focuses on the behavior of your Customers and then focuses on the sales as well.

Sure, the common goal of field marketing is the brand awareness and customers engagement but our agency will make sure that you are getting the potential customers as well…

There are different ways in which we as a field marketing agency engage your Customers during the campaigns which are unique and helps us in developing the perfect field marketing strategy for your business.

We Laser Focus on your Audience:

Most of the Agencies start doing the marketing on maximum possible events but we believe that is the waste of your resources.

So Instead, we will do our research and find out the events or places where most of your potential customers are going and will only execute the field marketing strategies on those targeted events.

In this way, we are not burning your resources and doing the brand awareness in the right places.

We Share the Foot Traffic Strategy with You:

Before taking any action for the events or in-store activities we will first find out the foot traffic by using the creative field marketing strategies and make sure that doing your brand awareness on those specific places will be worth it.

You will have the complete details of the places where your related customers are present and where we are going to display your services or products for marketing.

In this way, you can have a check on the marketing strategies and will be comfortable with the work because you are already aware with the foot traffic flow at those places.

We Know our Goals:

As we are the professional field marketing agency, We always take care of this big question of every Company that how will we convert the people with our marketing?

Most of the agencies focus on the traditional field marketing plan, they force the Audience to Sign Up for Company’s Email List.

We on the other hand, rather focus on a clear incentive to keep Audience engaging with the learning about your Company, so whenever they are in the need of similar products which you offer they first check out your Company’s details easily.

Do you have any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our services or anything else you can easily drop us a message and we will be responsive in answering your queries.

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