How to improve retail merchandising

How to improve retail merchandising

How to improve retail merchandising

How do you improve retail merchandising for your brand?

Many brands struggle to compete and improve retail merchandising for their business in an ever-changing retail environment.

Ensuring that your merchandising is current and up to date, can make or break a brand’s success, when ensuring that space on the fixture is secured long term with no risk of losing out on sales.

Service Innovation Group UK is experienced in building long-term relationships with key store contacts.

We ensure optimum presence on fixtures through our experienced merchandising and compliance field sales teams across the UK.

Benefits of using an award-winning field sales agency

Brands spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds creating and producing promotional material and point of sale.

It needs to be live on day one of a promotion you have been planning for months.

Point of sale and pricing has been agreed and everything has been sent to the store ready for the first day of your promotion.

Sales are monitored and are poor from day one.

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone!

Relying on stores to implement your promotion is a risky strategy.

There is no guarantee any of your point of sale or promotional material will even make it to the shelves.

Service Innovation Group can help

We are an award-winning retail merchandising agency.

Utilising a field sales agency means that you have optimum control of your campaign.

We plan, manage and distribute promotional material directly to our teams, cutting out any risk of it not being implemented

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